Benefits Programs

The Home Depot created the LiveTheOrangeLife portal so that its employees could reap the rewards. A benefit is something that has a positive influence on one’s health or well-being — for example decreased pricing.

Home Depot’s benefit and compensation systems, such as Your Total Worth and Home Depot benefits, allow employees to customize their benefits to meet their specific needs and those of their families. Employees of LiveTheOrangeLife enjoy a wide range of perks.


LiveTheOrangeLife – Benefits Programs

Health and wellness should be a top priority for you. Make the most of our benefit plans, programs, and resources to help you lead a healthy, happy life. If you click on one of these links, your browser will open a new window. Close the tab to return to this page and go on surfing when you are finished.

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Group And Leisure Benefits

Legal services, auto/home insurance, and veterinary insurance are just a few of the enticing perks that come with this package. Payed time off is available in the form of vacations and legal holidays; personal sick leave; vacation; absences; military leave; juror duty; and days of mourning.

Benefits For Work and Life

A wide range of benefits are available to employees and their families, including a life insurance policy, move-in help for employees, a volunteer team drop-off event, matching gift program support for adoptive families, care/life solutions support, METDest employee discounts, smoking cessation support, tax preparation assistance, and beneficiary support.

Using your username and the required papers and information, you can log in and make adjustments to the services that best suit your requirements and those of your family. Employee benefits vary by industry, so it’s important to know which ones apply to your business and which don’t. Employees in various fields receive different perks, so it’s important to understand which ones apply to you and which don’t.